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More than aesthetics.

Modern office design concepts you should know about

Today, modern office design is not just about aesthetics. Rather, the design concept shows what a company stands for, and in which direction it is heading. The trend of workplace redesign comes in large parts from Millenials, because they don't work just anywhere nowadays. It's a matter of making companies attractive, and thus attracting top talent, because salary and compensation are no longer enough in today's job market.
Employees want to work in a place that fosters creativity, collaboration, and communication, while reducing stress.

What can such new design concepts look like?

a) Ergonomics

Modern companies have their employees' health in mind. As a result, sedentary work day in and day out is also a thing of the past. Thanks to new office technology, ergonomic chairs or height-adjustable desks, for example, can be integrated into design concepts.

b) Industrial design

This concept loves large open spaces with exposed ceilings, unplastered walls, and natural floors, such as wood. An industrial office is most often found in restored industrial spaces or factories. The charm of this design concept is its message: we are rebellious, unconventional, creative, and simply different from the rest.

c) Glass

Glass doors and walls are arguably considered one of the most important elements of modern interior design in the workplace. This way, employees don't feel isolated and alone, but can concentrate and do their job thanks to the sound-insulating material. Furthermore, glass elements do not block out sunlight and thus act as mood enhancers.

d) Task-oriented

Every employee should be able to work where it feels best for them and the work they need to do at the moment. A company should therefore provide an office where there are places for concentrated individual work, as well as those that encourage collaboration and exchange.

e) Nature

Biophilic design is a hot topic, and with good reason. Employees should be able to connect with nature, making them happier, more productive, and more creative. What does that look like? Interior design tries to incorporate lots of natural light, water, and plants, as well as natural colors and surfaces.

The ideal designed office should allow its employees to work in a concentrated and focused manner, while also giving them space to communicate and collaborate. Rethinking the current office design is an important and necessary investment in employees. This is about people who are already on board, but more importantly about attracting new talent looking for an unconventional and creative place to work.

Modern office design is synonymous with employee experience, branding, and productivity. If we are to sit in the office, then it should be as functional, creative, and inviting as possible.