Dispelling darkness through connection

Expedia Gurugram
Expedia Gurugram
Expedia Gurugram
Expedia Gurugram
Expedia Gurugram
Expedia Gurugram


Name: Expedia
Location: Gurugram
Service: Design Consultancy
Year: 2021
Size: 2,50,000 sqft
Industry: Travel




A LEED Gold-certified project, Expedia is spread across three floors, and inspired by the concept of Ru, the final syllable of guru - from Gurugram, the village of Guru, the one who dispels darkness with light.

The theme flows into the built environment like poetry. The journey of the employees or the visitors is marked by the avenue of light leading to vibrant destinations. This office space was designed keeping in mind the future of the workplace, and is agile and adaptive with several choices of ergonomic work points. The spectrum of work points creates opportunities for employees to move to quiet areas for intense focus or sit in more casual settings for collaborative work.

The space adopts a vibrant colour palette that celebrates the culture of Expedia. The idea of building a strong connection is reinforced in the design not only by creating a highly tech-enabled work environment but also by incorporating the internal staircase that encourages connectivity, collaboration, and seamless workflow.