Mark Ormsby

Regional Director

Mark Ormsby, Regional Director of Adrianse Global
I feel most present

During Martial Arts training

What inspires me

Great design and the morning air

Holiday preference

Anywhere I can see and learn something new

What I most want to know

Why my client can't read a layout plan?

People love working with me because

I buy Beer

Biggest achievement

My next design

Mark has lived in Asia for over 25 years during which he has worked on projects around the region and has been responsible for some of the most beautiful and imaginative interior design solutions in Singapore today. Mark brings rich experience to the table and has a reputation of delivering the best. His 'simple' design thinking comes across in every project he is a part of and is his trademark style.

Nature is the best source of design inspiration. If you look carefully, you can see it just about anywhere, especially in the morning air.